Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 326, 365 Day Project

I was stuck in-doors for most of the day with a sick child. Only managed to run out once Lysa got home from work and that was down to Safeway for a few groceries. Earlier in the day I figured this might be my best chance to get a photo for the day as I was holding Luke for most of it. However as I wandered the produce aisle the shelf's were picked pretty bare. However I did come across this tray of yellow peppers which I knew I could do something with. So grabbing a quick couple of shots with the iPhone I finished my shopping and headed home. Using Snapseed I knew exactly which grunge filter I wanted and the intensity. I then added the frame to finish the image.

Luke is fine by the way, just a little cold and he has recovered after spending the day with his Papa.

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