Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Channel Surfing

The day was full running around with the boy's activities at school and choir so I thought it would be nice to relax once I got them home and into bed.  Instead I found my self channel surfing the various stations watching the results of the US elections.  I'm not one for politics in general, but I find the drama of elections interesting.  Watching tonight I was surprised how off the media was earlier in the day who predicted a much closer race.  So as I bounced back and forth giving my remote a workout it was a chance to learn how the US system works.  I think when you are able to look from a distance and be objective it allows you to take all angles and thus formulate a more well rounded point of view.  I hope that the people of the US will move forward and improve and strengthen their country and that those of us in other parts of the world will do the same.

So here is a quick look at my remote, post processed with Snapseed, which is my Instagram 366 photo of the day.

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