Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things that catch your eye.

We all have busy days and sometimes we are in big rush to accomplish what we are doing.  Even though this might be the case one has to keep your eyes open to possibilities for photographic opportunities.  As I was taking Cool to our church for a youth group activity, a bright green object on the ground caught my eye.  I could see it was a leaf embedded in the ice but I had to rush Cool inside so as to be on time.  After checking him in and waiting till they were ready to begin I headed out to the car, iPhone in hand ready to snap a photo of the leaf I had seen earlier.

As I walked out of the church I remember thinking to myself how odd it was that a leaf of such colour would still be around this late in the fall.  I looked for it and when I located it I realized that it was a plastic leaf that had more than likely fallen out of some decoration that was brought over for some function.  Still I liked the look and how the ice crystals formed around it.  I got in close and snapped a couple of shots before driving home.

Once there I opened the image in Snapseed and massaged it a bit with the Drama 1 and a frame.  I rotated the file in the native camera function of the iPhone and then posted it as my Instagram 366 photo of the day.
When I returned home I was spending time with my youngest son Luke.  I made him lunch and when I returned to the computer room he had put on my Baseball cap that was on the table.  He looked so cute and the light from the window was nice across his face that I took a couple of photo's until he gave me the look I wanted.  Now the background was busy and distracting so I decided to use the Smoosh app to take it back a bit.  I think this is another example that even when you are busy around the house watch and be ready for the little things that catch your eye.

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