Sunday, June 2, 2013

A few minutes a day.

Sometimes one just has to take a few minutes everyday to stop and explore.  Being a busy father I have to make the time when I can.   I have posted my photo's from the first two days of June and will share what I did for each day.

June 2  After a lazy day that was filled with rain I found a few minutes when the rain stopped to look around the yard.  I used the 20mm extension tube on my 24-70 lens on the Canon 7D.  I looked for interesting rain drops on the various plants in the garden.  The first is of a tulip petal that had fallen on the ground.  The rain had made the petal somewhat transparent and it created a unique pattern on the leaf.
I then found these small pink buds and liked the reflections of the drops.
Looking up from under a pine tree I saw this silhouette of the drops against the sky.
The rain gave some nice colouring to these leaves on the rose bush.
June 1  Taking a walk by the Bow river for an hour I was able to catch a few images of an area I had not visited before.  This first panoramic photo was created using the PocketBooth app on the iPhone but using it sideways.
I saw this gentleman on this interesting bike and managed a quick shot with the iPhone.
The bridge that crossed the river made for an interesting subject.  Shot with the iPhone and processed using snapseed.
I tried a few photo's using the 10 - 22 wide angle lens on the Canon 7D for a different perspective.  I found this patch of little white flowers with a dandelion amongst them.
The moss and leaves made for a nice composition.
Finally I returned to McDougall United church to pick Cool up from choir rehearsal and saw these flowers out front.

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