Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random or planned, it is all just the same.

Every day we have a choice in the photographs we take.  Sometimes those decisions lead to the creation of random images taken as we see them.  Other times we know we are going to be doing a certain shoot and we can plan what we want to do.  These last few days I had a chance to do both.  Either way I had a chance to be creative and create images I wanted.

June 4  Anything but a regular day.  Once again I was at the dentist and since I had nothing better to do while sitting in the chair I felt a self-portrait was in order.  I composed the shot by looking at the little apple logo on the back of the iPhone and then cropped in Snapseed to get the composition I wanted.
Later in the day while waiting to to pick the boy's up I looked up to the sky and the clouds forming above the tree and just liked the peaceful feeling.  I think I captured that in this photo.
June 5  I knew we would be doing high key in today's lighting class and that Breanna would be our subject.  I brought some silky fabric and knew that I could count on Breanna to give me the look I wanted.
So planned or random I think I had a good two days of photo's.

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