Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A potpourri of images.

As I work on getting up to date with my photographs, I have found that I have had some variety as well as some favored subjects.  

July 5  A flower abstract
and an image of the Lego space shuttle we brought back from Florida.
July 6  My boy's at the Home Depot Kid's Workshop.
A macro shot turned to sepia of a flower stamen.
July 7  My youngest Luke doing a self-portrait on his iPad mini.
July 8.  An evening walk gave a variety of subjects.  This was a colourful Columbine flower.
Luke has taken an interest in photography using his iPad mini to take photo's with some tips from his dad.
Goats breath with pod.
Clover flower up-close.
Dandelion macro.
July 9  Playing with macro and movement. Slow shutter close-up on a rose.
July 10  A trip out to the Carseland area of Alberta provide some interesting photo's of the prairies.

July 11  White Roses in our garden.
July 12.  Amulet of the sun.
July 13.  Jenni was a model for my class at SAIT.
July 14  Found this abstract pattern of a set of stairs near Bowness.
This flower lent it self to a black and white conversion.
July 15  A day we had been waiting for.  My son Cool made it on to TV.  He had auditioned for YTV's "The Next Star" back in May and made it through to the third round.  Here he appeared before the judges and sand Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" which he had to learn the evening before.  Although this was a bit of a curve he handled it well and did a fantastic job making it this far.  He did not get accepted for the next round but he is keen to try again next year.
I did these screen captures as we watched the show.  You can check out his performance at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Z8bM30elM&list=FLpThXbjyvc2n787sgTmB7Kw&feature=mh_lolz
July 16  Another flower converted to B&W.
July 17  Another evening walk found these interesting shots.  First is a flower and raindrop silhouetted against the evening sky.
Found this old discarded shed behind a house.
Backlit grass.
July 18  A food shot of deviled eggs.
A down low view of goat's breath and clouds.
July 19  A self-portrait by window light.
An abstract of my wife's sewing machine.
July 20  Working with my student's at SAIT.  On location shooting lecture.

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