Sunday, August 25, 2013

A productive four days.

As we get closer to the school year I expect that I will be getting out a little more and thus having new subjects to photograph.  Though the last four days since I posted got off to a little bit of a slow start the weekend wrapped up with me capturing a number of images that I liked.

August 22.  I shot this little antique toy car using the iPhone.  Placing it on the tile in the bathroom I moved it around until I was able to get a reflection and the angle of the lines the way I wanted them.
August 23.  A trip to the downtown core allowed me to make these three shots using the iPhone.  I was attracted to the wilting flowers in front of this building and decided to back up to include the crisp clean numbers against the dying flowers.
Looking up on this building I loved the way the one silver column seemed to have so much strength.  I used snapseed to help process the photo to enhance the column and glass.
Walking down past Century Gardens I took a quick shot of the water of this concrete oasis.  I tried to angle it to make the shot more dynamic.  Once I posted it online it reached the popular wall of Mobli and has close to 7000 views.
August 23.  A day for walking.  These first three photo's were shot with the iPhone as I walked around Crowfoot Crossing while waiting for Cool to have his guitar lessons.  I found these shadows intriguing as they fell on the stairs and took a shot that I knew I would work with the grunge filter in snapseed to achieve an abstract result.
Walking through the Rona garden centre I saw a display of hibiscus flowers.  These two caught my eye for their exquisite colours.
That evening I took a walk on Nose Hill.  This time I took my whole camera bag with me.  It is pretty flat prairie land up there and even though it is in the city you quickly leave it behind. The first two shots I took were of some dandelions I found.  The first with the way it limped over had a really graphic appeal. I opened up to f4.5 on the 24-70 to help soften the background on both images.
I then came across this thistle bush and got down low so I could get the setting sun behind it.  The first shot was to silhouetted and did not look good.  The second I used the little pop up flash but it was way to harsh.  I was able to tone it down to what I wanted by taking a piece of paper from my camera bag and holding it in front of the flash to diffuse it.
As I made the trek back to my car the sun started to set giving a beautiful feel to the prairie.  I shot this photo of the grassland by getting low and focusing on the lower part of the ground first.  I then focused locked and recomposed to put the grass against the sky the way I wanted.
My last shot before the colour disappeared was this lone tree.  I wanted the subtle silhouette of it against the dark sky.
August 25.  We went to a different church today so my wife could attend a mass in her native tongue, Malayalam.  After mass as she mingled I was looking around and the baptismal area caught my eye. As I got close the first thing I photographed were these coloured candles with the iPhone.
I then turned my attention to the stained glass windows and created this abstract image of one of the palm trees against the glass.
Finally I liked the reflection of the stained glass on the copper cover of the baptismal font.  I moved in close and positioned the camera around until I found the angle that I liked.

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