Sunday, September 22, 2013

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IOS 7, Apples newest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPods.  Ill be looking at it from a stand point of how it works with older phones (I have the i4) and particularly the camera functions.  I used the iPhone to take the photo's for the first three days below and tried a variety of situations.  Right off the top is the different format of the native camera.  There are some simple changes with the two most prominent being the image shown on the whole screen with the info imposed on top.  Not sure I am a big fan of this as the top and bottom part of the image are covered with a darker transparent area that allows you to see the whole scene.  I would rather have the entire image in the middle so I can see it clearly rather then have to stare through this darkened area to check my composition.

They have added an easier swipe to go from video to photo and also the option to shoot square.  The first feature works wonderful as on the old version I would constantly accidentally swipe to video and have not had this problem with the new display.  The square option seems to be aimed at the instagram users and to me is kind of useless.  With the old version I would know when I took the photo how I wanted to crop it and would leave room accordingly.  Switching to the square just eliminates some of the scene which you then can not get back.  I would rather be able to make this choice myself in editing.

Some of the photo apps do have a bit of a problem with the new system and the i4.  Some of the photo sharing apps, have a problem as some of the buttons at the top get cut off by the new positioning on the full screen.  This makes it easy to hit the wrong button and then you have to revert or start over.  I'm not sire if this is due to the smaller screen size of the i4 compared to the i5, but it is something they should have taken into consideration.  Still it is not a big deal and I think I will still wait for a while before upgrading my iPhone.

Now for the photo's from the past few days.

September 19.  Taken at SAIT and testing to see if there was any noticeable improvement to the camera because of the new software.  I tried some night, contrasty light and reflective surfaces.  There did seem to be a bit of an improvement, but nothing to outstanding. Here are three examples.
September 20.  Late in the evening I used one of the boy's stuffed animals as a subject and used only the overhead tungsten lights.  After taking the shot I used snapseed to post process the photo.
September 21.  Tried the new software in some low light with a moving subject as seen with my son Cool in the bumper cars at Calaway Park.  Although a neat effect happened here it was not overly consistent and no real improvement.
It did work better in bright conditions as seen here with the bumper boats.
 While waiting for Cool I took this photo of one of the flowers and converted to B&W in snapseed.
Calaway Park is all ready for Halloween and had some really good displays.  This one was my favorite, I loved the green eyes.
September 22.  The first day of fall and I took my Canon 7D with me on my walk to capture these images from around Dalhousie,

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