Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Off to a good start.

It is so nice when we feel like we have had a productive day.  I can honestly say that I feel that the month of September is off to a good start as I have managed to clean up a lot of lose ends and get started with some projects as well.  There were two things I wanted to do today.  One was to get rid of a lot of scrap metal items from around the house.  I found a gentlemen who hauled a truck load of items away for $20 which helped me out immensely.  I then was able to shift my focus to the Calgary Institute for Photography.  

I started this organization over 10 years ago when there were not many educational opportunities around.  I brought in some guest speakers and had a good initial start.  However I was not able to sustain it, especially as there became a boom in workshops, seminars and on-line offerings and so I had backed off the last few years.  Now I am starting a revamp of it and trying to get back to some of my original intentions.  One of the main ones is to be a source of information for events in Calgary and region.  So if you would like to check it out please visit or add your name to the mailing list by sending an e-mail to to receive notice of posts to the CIFP blog.

 Here are two photo's I created today for my photo a  day challenge.  Both were taken as I walked over to pick my boys up from school.  Using the iPhone I captured this feather in the field at the Dalhousie Community centre.  Every morning for the last week the fields have been filled with seagulls and today as I walked through I could not help but notice them.  This one caught my eye and I got down low to the ground to capture it amongst the grass.  I love the way the texture of the feather came trough.
While waiting for Cool to finish his shift with the school patrols I was taken by the line up of buses in front of the school. The enrollment has really risen since they turned it to a fine arts school and buses come from all over the North end of Calgary to bring students.

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