Sunday, November 17, 2013

A walk through the Christmas display's.

There are times when I only have a few minutes to be out of the house during my daily routine.  Saturday and Sunday's are a bit like that and every week I have a half hour up at Crowfoot Crossing while Cool takes his guitar or vocal lessons. I usually try and take a quick walk and look for something to photograph.  I look for things like repetition, abstraction, juxtaposition or details.

Now store display's are always a chance to find these type of elements and I was fortunate to discover a couple of opportunities while I was walking through Rona's Christmas decorations.  These large snowmen caught my eye and I angled my iPhone to get the repeating figures to line up into a composition that I was happy with.  I then saw this display of small buildings that are very popular for people to develop their own winter dioramas.  The little church was my focus of attention and again I took a quick photo.

Once I made the capture I used Snapseed on my iPhone to crop them and then the drama filter to enhance the details.  I used the center focus feature to soften the edges and darken the background slightly. I finished with the frames for these results.

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