Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter blues ... Already!

Winter does not officially start for another 5 weeks but for the third weekend in a row Calgary has had a dump of snow.  Today seemed a little worse as it was very windy and thus gave white out conditions, and in the case of our house pooled the snow right in front of the main entrance.  Unfortunately though the snow looked like it might be light but that was not the case as it was still a fairly wet, heavy snow.  The bottom photo is one of the few selfies I have done as I attacked this pile of snow.

Prior to that though I took this photo out our front window as the snow blew by.  The juxtaposition of the hibiscus flower against the snow covered pine tree is what caught my eye for today's photo of the day.  The splash of red gave a bit of life to an other wise white day.  I hope the rest of the winter will be at least a bit milder then usual, but we still have five months of this weather ahead.

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