Monday, May 12, 2014

A salute to our nurses.

Today is the start of Nurses Week here in Alberta.  This afternoon they held a small gathering down at Calgary's Peace Bridge to hand out coffee and cake.  My wife is a dedicated ICU RN and we came down to show our support for these wonderful people. 
Health care is an important aspect of any society and the nurses are always on the front lines. I know that lots of jurisdictions are struggling to balance budgets and keep services but these are the people who need the support.  Lives hang on them and they should not be ignored. I think that most of them really just want fair wages and safe working conditions.
I know I am proud of my wife and the work that she does.  I hope that you never have to be treated by her because that means you are in a critical state.  All that I know is that if you do end up in her care or in the care of any of our nurses you will be in fine hands. If you know a nurse give them a pat on the back and a thank you for being there.

A quick shadow selfie taken after I took the above group photo.

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