Sunday, May 11, 2014

Up to date, and ready to rock.

This post will bring me up to date with all the photo's of the day.  It has been a struggle at times but as you will see with the images here the last couple of weeks have been more productive. There have also been some steps forward in my business direction and this will hopefully move me forward.  As you see my photograph's and the stories you will learn more.
April 27.  The start of a productive two weeks.  It started in the afternoon with an iPhone capture as Cool read the prayers of the faithful at a special mass.
Once I returned homed I got home I saw this toy on the kitchen table and loved the colours so using the iPhone and Snapseed for some post processing.
Sunday Self-portrait series No. 17.  After a number of ailments over the last few months that held me back I am ready to start working out again.
April 28.  I plucked this dried flower from our front garden and using a soft box from behind and a mirror to reflect back the light created this composition.
April 29.  These Calla Lilies in Walmart made for an excellent subject.  The iPhone comes in handy taking photo's in public areas.
April 30.  A new opportunity is being presented to me as The King Edward School is becoming an Arts Incubator and they are putting out a call for tenants.  I attended an information session and I think it could be a good fit.  I need to submit a letter of intent this week with the final proposal due in July.  This is the push I needed to figure out what I want to do with the Calgary Institute for Photography.  I will use this time not only to write the proposal but also develop a business plan and direction.  I may not get in but at least it will make me develop a road map. Here is a look at the outside of the school which is currently going under renovation.
May 1.  I took a walk in Nose Hill park as we finally had a beautiful morning.  It resulted in a bundle of pleasing photo's using the 7D and 70-200 mm with the 2X convertor for the first three images.
I then switched to the 24-70 and found some crocuses to shoot the first I used a 20mm macro tube before taking it off for the next two.
As I walked back to the car I saw this lady and her dog and their reflection and made this shot.
When I arrived home I saw that we had a daffodil blooming in our front garden, the first bloom of the season.  I did a full and a macro shot.
Later in the evening I had purchased an orchid to give to Cool's vocal coach. While waiting in the car for him to finish I shot this photo.
May 2.  Our first rainy day of the spring and it was worthwhile to take a quick walk as the water drops make for an interesting subject.
However later in the day that rain turned to snow and here is an iPhone shot of what I saw from our front window at 11:45 pm.
May 3.  Here are some shots of what I woke up to this morning. Snow everywhere.
It was at least 18 cm deep on this plastic table on the deck which shows how much actually fell.
This same branch was the one I took yesterday with the rain drop.  Now the leaves are holding a blanket of snow.
One good thing though is my wife has started her garden growing in the front bay window and her beans are coming up nicely.
May 4.  I love to walk through garden centres and today it was Rona's.  They had some clematis plants with some nice flowers and here are two of them.
Sunday self-portrait series No. 18.  Happy Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with You.
May 5.  We are in Edmonton and staying at the Sands Hotel.  It has been a long day so a quick iPhone capture of a quiet waiting area.
May 6.  This is what life is all about, helping once children's with their dreams.  Today it was to audition again for YTV's "The Next Star", a singing reality show for kids under 15.  Cool auditioned last year in Calgary and did very well and he is determined to keep going until he is to old or they choose him.  He had another great audition this year and you will have to watch YTV starting July 14 to see if he is on it.

Here he is standing in line as a light snow came down in Edmonton.  It was 6:00 am and we were not looking forward to standing in the cold for a few hours.  However they were kind enough to open the doors of the Edmonton Expo centre and let everyone in.
The whole family came along to show our support and we had someone take an iPhone capture as we sat in line.
His wrist band was Number 100.  If you ad a C before the 0's it spells out his name.
Everyone from YTV remembered him from last season and he was a popular person in-line.  They shot a variety of video with him.  Here he is about to do a dance of with "The Next Star" host Carlos.
I thought this was a cool shot of Carlos's shadow as he walked the audition line.
The camera men also remembered him and had him do a few different promo lines.
The other YTV celebrity is Suki who does a lot of their on line content.  He shot an instagram video of Cool and Luke which you can find if you follow this link.

I shot this as he filmed the segment.
The last image from the day as after this they were in restricted areas.  They were giving out samples of Clean and Clear and asked you to tweet a photo in front of the banner.  We were lucky as Cool won a gift bag of the product by sharing the photo I shot.
May 7.  We spent some time at my aunt's farm in Bon Accor before heading back to Calgary.  She has a lot of plants and flowers and I had fun photographing them.  The first is a macro shot of an Iron Cross Begonia leaf. 
I loved this ball of flowers on the Hoya plant.
Some baby tomato's on the vine.
Walking around the farm I found this lovely old vehicle and shot these two photo's.
May 8.  An action shot of Luke at his soccer game.  The last one I will get to see as I start teaching next week on his soccer night.
May 9.  Cool wanted to see the Amazing Spider-man 2 so we went to an early show.  I took the straw from his collectors cup and used it to create this shot.
May 10.  I don't get downtown often but the boy's had a dress rehearsal for their concert that evening.  While they were at Konx United Church I wandered down the street to the Bow Building.  The giant head out front as to be one of the most photographed pieces of public art in the city and it is hard to do something unique.  I saw the shadow on the ground and incorporated it into the shot.  I then used photoshop to eliminate the busy back ground and snapseed to add the grunge for the effect.
In it's short existence having opened only a little more then a year ago, the Bow Building has become an iconic structure of the Calgary skyline.  Many photo's have been taken and I was looking for something a little different.  The Family of Man statues form EXPO 67 that stand on the old Board Of Education site proved to be useful in adding another element. I got down as low as I could to capture this photo.
There are also metal cut-outs of horses down by the old court house.  I photographed one from a low angle positioning the buildings behind the way I wanted.  Using both snapseed and photoshop I created this abstract image.
The concert in the evening was nice and as it was the last of the season and I wanted to capture a couple of photo's. Here are Cool and Luke on stage.

May 11.  Mum's for Mom on Mother's day.  A quick iPhone capture of the flowers for my wonderful mother.
Sunday self-portrait series No. 19 - The World is Mine.  I feel I am starting to get my groove back.  A couple of weddings booked, an extra class at SAIT due to a long waitlist and the proposal for the King Edward.  Lot's of work ahead but hopefully good progress as well.

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