Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Photo a Day catch up.

There are a lot of images here, but I hope you take the time to scroll through them all.  Crazy busy 6 weeks with many activities.  Now up to date.
May 21  Breanna and my 1909 Empire State 8x10 Camera.
May 22  Neon ripple.
May 23  Lady bug.
May 24  Walking through the Rona garden centre.
May 25  Remains of a tulip.
Ice cream truck.
Sunday Self-portrait No. 21.  Cutting matts for prints.
May 26  Play-off donut.
May 27  Scenes around SAIT
Cool performing at his school talent show.
May 28  Cooper.
My booth at our community art show.
May 29  Wedding photography class.  Breanna as the bride.
May 30  Our front garden.
May 31  Hipstamatic prairie scene.
Church in Okotoks for Cool's vocal recital.
Cool performing "When Can I See You Again" for his vocal recital.
His vocal coach Jenn Beaupre.
June 1  Sunday Self-portrait No. 22. - Goggles.
June 12  Red wheel.
June 3  Bleeding hearts
Nuts and bolt.
June 4  Scenes from inside King Edward School.
June 5  Wedding Class at SAIT.
Rabbit that was making it's home in our backyard.
June 6  Cool and Luke's Jazz Dance recital.
June 7  Ghost of parking meter's past.
June 8  Sunday Self-portrait No. 23 - Portrait in blue tone.
June 9  Class at SAIT.

June 10  Cool performing at his school on the handbells.
June 11  Walking downtown with my senior photography group from the Kerby Centre.
June 12  Bleeding heart series.
June 13  The Stanley Cup playoffs are finally over.
June 14  Wine gum flower.
June 15  Walking Calgary's new runway ahead of its opening with the family.
Sunday Self-portrait No. 24 - Storm clouds overhead.
June 16  Wedding class at SAIT.
June 17  Working in the darkroom developing 8x10 sheet film.
Exposing the print using UV light.
Palladium print.
Cyanotype print.
June 18  Garlic bulbs.
June 19  Flower after the rain.
June 20  Tower through a rain covered windshield.
June 21  Scenes from an acreage.
Cool performing at his piano recital.
June 22  Triangles of light and shadow.
Pepper from the flower.
Cool and Luke celebrating their 12th and 8th birthday's that happened this week.
Sunday Self-portrait No. 25.  Me with my two birthday boys.

June 23  Macro of a Box Elder bug.
June 24  Candle and glass.
 June 25  Lougheed house.
Downtown park.
June 26  Returning on the last day of school.
June 27  Cool performing "The Big Bang Theory" at his second vocal recital.
June 28  Sky reflected in the side view mirror.
Many blooms in our garden.
June 29  Cool performing at his guitar recital.
Sunday Self-portrait No. 26 - Late night milk run.
June 30  Concrete hill contour.
July 1  Hibiscus in palladium.
July 2  Sunflower about to bloom.
 July 3  Scenes from Stampede sneak a peak.
July 4  Rickety wheelbarrow series.
July 5  Sunflower in bloom.
My little gardener.
July 6  Sunday Self-portrait No. 27.  Set-up for the shot and the finished image.
July 7  Flower from my morning walk.
Caught this Magpie after it became trapped in our fireplace.  Released safely.
July 8  Hand me that guitar.

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