Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20, 365 Day Project.

I spent the afternoon doing a private consultation for one of my students for a shoot she was doing for her swim club. She had a concept and an idea for how to do it but needed help in executing it. I thought the idea was pretty good so I shot two images of the set-up to share as my image for today.
The idea involved a head and shoulder portrait of each swimmer (we did 75+ in 2 hours) with the team logo projected behind them. A Larson 48 x 18 inch soft box on my Balcar head was used to light the subject's and feathered across to keep spill from falling on the background. A reflector was added to the opposite side for fill. A second Balcar with a 20 degree grid was used to light the cookie which was cut out with the team logo and a blue gel was place over the head. The Balcar Mini Z's I have are capable of zooming the tube thus allowing to focus the light on the background. The first image shows the set up and what the athlete's saw (we had to dim the modeling light on the background as it was to hot with the grid overtop). The second shows what the result looks like with the logo. I am not showing a finished result as these were her clients and it is not appropriate for me to do so. However the set up was one I wanted to share.

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