Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29, 365 Day Project.

Well it was a snowy, cold day here in Calgary and I had a shoot scheduled for my Wedding Photography class. A number of subject's were lined up but the miserable weather and bad driving conditions kept all of them away except for this lovely couple and my son. We went over to Heritage Hall and discovered that most of the building was being set up for a graduation banquet. I approached one of the people who seemed to be in charge and explained what our class was. Since we would be finished before the guests arrived she said it was OK to work around their set-up. We found a nice spot close to the big windows at the back and I confirmed with a second person that it was OK to work there for a half hour or so and then we would move to the upper levels. She also said it was fine. So we got started and within 10 minutes another woman came by and told us we could not shoot here saying the event planner did not want anyone taking photo's in the area. I explained that I had got the OK from two other people (who had SAIT credentials like I had) and then said we would move to the upper level. On our way up we passed another photographer who I think was hired by the planner and she sheepishly apologized as she did not realize it was a SAIT class. I think she was the one who went to the planner and mentioned something probably worried that we were taking her job. Any way we found some more places to work.

The light was not to intense today in the Heritage Hall due to the overcast skies so I decided to work at some high ISO's again. The image above was shoot at 12,800 ISO @ 1/50th sec, f6.3 on the Canon 7D and 24-70 f2.8 lens. The image below was shot using a table lamp as the light source and was at 1600 ISO for 1/50 sec @ f4.

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