Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30, 365 Day Project

With this being January and there being a number of cold days I find that I am doing more of my images in the studio. In one way I have rediscovered the joys of table top shooting. Today I took our souvenir from the Taj Mahal where we visited in 2005 and placed it on a piece of black plexi. I then took a small strip of mirror and placed it underneath the model. I light a painted background with one of my Balcars and then use a 3 degree grid spot on the other Balcar to just skim the top of the Taj model. I used only the modeling lights and set for the tungsten setting on my Canon 7D. I shot for 1/15th sec and @ f2.8 on the 24-70 f2.8 lens as I wanted shallow depth of field. The above is the result. The bottom image is the set-up as taken by me iPod touch camera so one can get an idea of the set up and the small space I am working.

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  1. I like the reflection in the pool at the foreground. :)

    ameer ...