Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 129, 365 Day Project.

It is interesting how you can start out with one idea when you set out to shoot, but quickly adapt to the situation before you. The above image was what I thought of when I saw the dandelion through the front window. I went let's juxtapose the good and the bad together in one image. So laying on the ground I caught the Lillie's and dandelion together thus achieving what I set out to do. However I like the flowers so I figured I would shoot them by themselves.
(above f22, 1/320 sec, 800 ISO)

This was the next image I took and when I realized how busy the background was with the window and the rose bush I felt it was unattractive. I knew I had to do something to resolve the problem. So I went inside to my production room and retrieved a piece of black mat board. I then placed it between the flowers and the rose bush (see below).

(above f22, 1/320 sec, 800 ISO)

Getting down low I shot the following image series. The first one was my favorite and there has been some post production work to eliminate some leaves. I think it made for a stronger image. All photo's were done with the Canon 7D & 24-70 f2.8. Other technical details below each frame.

(above f8, 1/250 sec, 100 ISO)

(f22, 1/320 sec, 800 ISO)

(f18, 1/60 sec, 100 ISO)

(f8, 1/320 sec, 100 ISO)

(f8, 1/320 sec, 100 ISO)

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