Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 138, 365 Day Project.

I shot this image around 10:30 pm on Thursday May 19th in the parking lot of Chinook Mall. I had just arrived to attend the 12:01 screening of "Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides" with the intention to shot the days image inside the theatre complex. However as I was parking I liked the way my head lights shone on the "Mini" across from me in the parking lot. I got out of my car and framed up the above image. Once I got inside I used "Instagram" to crop the image as well as the tilt and shift on the app to keep the logo sharp and soften the rest. I then used the Heffe filter. I would have posted it last night, but had no Wi-fi to do so, thus the post today.

On another note the movie was quite good, but I think the 3D made it a little harder to watch. Maybe it was the abundance of action which seemed a little more distracting in 3D and the lack of the little details that the merit the medium. Avatar did a great job with this but "POC - OST" doesn't get it right. The other thing I noticed was the type of fans the franchise has generated as a large number of the crowd were dressed in their pirate garb. Still I would recommend checking it out as it is a good film.

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