Monday, December 17, 2012

An alternative to Instagram?

I had an appointment with my eye surgeon.  I have been seeing him for about 4 years as I have an optic nerve that has shifted and thus we are monitoring it with appointments every 6 months.  Most of the time it is just different tests to check my field of vision and pressure, however today was one where they dilated my eyes for another exam.  Everything seems to be stable and after the appointment I headed home.  Fortunately it was an overcast day and wearing my sunglasses I had no problem with the drive,  However this evening I really noticed the effects as the sun set and the lights on the Christmas bulbs became stars.  I wanted to see what my eyes looked like so I checked in the mirror and was surprised.  I then figured I would create a quick record shot.  The following are two versions as I had used the forward facing camera which has a lower resolution.  The top was done with Snapseed.
The second is done with Tadaa and the options available with this app.  I was forced to do this as the previous image was to small with the cropping done in Snapseed.  This was the first time I had to play with the features Tadaa has to offer and I must say it is more powerful then I thought.  Unlike Instagram there are more choices and you can mix and match options.  Now with some of the changes to the terms of service of Instagram coming in the new year, I can see others looking for options and Tadaa could very well be a choice.  From a post processing point it is a more powerful app.
I also had to make a delivery over to the gym at SAIT of some disk's for one of our models for my classes.  For over 10 years the Campus Centre and the Alberta College of Art and Design were basically my life.  I worked for 6 years with the basketball team and then attended ACAD for another 4.  I knew these areas like the back of my hand so it was interesting wandering the halls once again., even if it was for a short time.

I snapped a couple of quick shots as I walked over the Plus 15 the Campus Centre and the ACAD over the LRT station.  I liked the warm light that was coming into the stairwell and composed this shot using the railing  as a focal point.  Some post processing using Snapseed and iPhoto finished the shot for my Photo of the Day.

A look at the entrance to the ACAD from the plus15 walkway. I used the cable to add a leading line to the door.

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