Saturday, December 1, 2012

Walking in the park on a frigid morning.

The best landscape and nature photographer's usually go out in weather conditions that most people would avoid.  Now while I hesitate to put myself into that category, I did pull a page from there book and headed out in to Fish Creek Park in the South end of Calgary this morning.  Now I had to be in this end of town to drop my boys off for choir, so I wanted to take the opportunity to photograph the frost that had settled due to the fog today. It was around -16 C when I arrived at the parking lot and I headed out to see what I could find.

As I hiked I past a few other people who were out as well walking there dog's.  One commented to me as we past that the only people crazy enough to be out it this weather were dog owner's and photographers.  Now the river was mostly frozen over but I came across this one section that had not and by good fortune there was an old tree lying across it which I felt was perfect to add a little interest into the scene.  The first shot is the one I picked for my Photo of the Day and I shot it using the WoodCamera app as I wanted to add a colour cast.  However I am not satisfied with the way this app finishes things up so I brought the file into Snapseed where I did a little enhancement, took back some saturation and added the frame.
After shooting with WoodCamera I then took the following photo using Hipstamatic and the BlacKeys B&W film.  Although I like the look this is one time when I wish I had more then the square image the app produces.
With all the frost on everything I was looking for interesting scenes to shoot and show this winter wonderland of ours.  Now while I wish it was snowing as it was when I left home in the north west end of the city, I had to make do with what I could find.  The following three photo's captured the mood and feel of the day.

While all the previous photo's had been taken with the iPhone I did have my Canon 7D and 24-70 f2.8 lens with me.  I did shoot a number of photo's of the winter scenes around me but the one's I liked the most were of these chickadee's.  As I was walking through the brush I was suddenly surrounded by a number of the tiny birds.  I decided to stop and stay very still to see what would happen.  Sure enough they would swoop in and land on branches close to me and then fly away.  They landed within 2 feet of me and with the lens at 70mm I was able to fill most of the frame with them.  The following two images were my favourites and after I down loaded them to the computer and did some minor post production work I uploded them to the iPhone.  Here I was able to work with snapseed to use the centre focus filter and the frames to finish the photo's

Once I returned home I decided that it was time to shave of my Movember mustache and beard.  I end today's post with a self portrait of my clean shave mug.

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