Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 263, 365 Day Project

It was an eventful evening at my Basic Lighting class at SAIT tonight. While working with one group of students with a style of high key lighting I heard my Speedotron power pack making some funny clicking noises. I no sooner said that the unit was sounding funny when it blew-up while one of the students was shooting. Fortunately there was no damage beyond the power pack itself, but I think this unit is beyond repair now as it was some 40 years old.

Any way I had some intuition before leaving home and had brought another set of lights and was able to set them up so the students could keep shooting. Fortunately the other room did not have any problems and the lovely Breanna graced my class once again. I waited till the end of the night which had run overtime (due to the above mentioned set back) and shot a couple of quick images.

Canon 7D, 24-70- f2.8 @ f8 at 100 ISO.

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