Thursday, January 2, 2014

The holiday's are for family.

One of the nice things about the start of a New Year are the boy's are off school and I have a break from my teaching schedule.  With my wife Lysa home today as well we got a chance to have some quality time as a family.  We took down all the Christmas decorations together and cleaned the house then sat down and played the board game "Life".

Now yesterday I had come across a Hailey Bartholomew talking about her 365 Grateful project and it sort of resonated with my post from yesterday.  This link will take you to a short video with her explanation of her philosophy about taking a photo a day, You take zillions of photos with your cellphone why not try something new with them?  Sometimes you just have to show a small snippet from your activity to capture that moment that you are grateful for such as I did with the time I had with my family today.  It maybe a simple iPhone capture but it was part of our day. 
To continue this theme I share a few other family images from New Years Day.  These were done in the afternoon after I had posted yesterday's blog.

The family Playing in the snow after sledding.
Luke's snow angel.
Making fudge with marshmallows on top.

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