Thursday, January 23, 2014

When is your creative period?

We all have full lives and busy days.  With family and work commitments it is hard to always be at one's most creative.  I know I can find inspiration at all most any time of the day but for me my most creative time seems to fall late in the evening.  I guess this maybe that most of the time this is when my mind frees up from the chores of daily life and I can let myself explore.

On that thought I find that I will look at objects I have handy and find a way to make them interesting.  I try to attempt to do things different each time and experiment.  Some of these photo's from the past few days are an example of this process.

January 20.  I took a few of the shells I have in my collection and was examining them when I noticed that this scallop shell had some translucent properties.  I took one of my Alien Bees and attached a small Chimera Soft Box on it.  I put it on a small stand and pointed it straight up this creating a light table with a stronger intensity.
After photographing the scallop shell I tried the Starfish and added a reflector to kick back some light on to the surface.
I then tried this Sand Dollar and like how it had two levels of translucence which created a wonderful shot.
January 21.  Another macro image using a couple of special editions of Canadian quarters.  A little side light from the softbox helped to bring out the texture of the design.
January 22.  Tonight I was teaching Low Key lighting styles to my class at SAIT.  I brought Cool and Luke in to model and a few props for them to use.  I waited till after my student's had finished and then had my boy's strike this pose.
Our other subject was Mary who we were using a more dramatic style of lighting using grid spots.  As I observed and instructed the students I formulated an idea and then before we put the equipment away I posed her and climbed on a chair to capture this portrait of her.
January 23.  Last week I resumed teaching a group of seniors at the Greater Forest Lawn Seniors Centre.  One of the nice things is that I still have the same small group of students that I had last fall.  One thing I felt was that for this session of 10 classes I wanted to get them to use their cameras more when we are together so I can observe where they may need specific help.  Today was our first day and we walked around the facility looking at different things.  I spotted this plant with large leaves with one leaf up against the window.  The sun was shining through illuminating the veins and I created these two photo's.
In another area of the centre I found this snowman suck in a dark corner and liked the light that was falling on it.  After downloading the file I decided to uploaded back on to my iPhone where I could use Snapseed to do the final post processing.
This final image is from Cool's recital where he was singing late this afternoon.  I captured this shot while he was rehearsing feeling I captured his enjoyment of singing the song "When Can I See You Again" by Owl City.  If you want to check out his performance here is a link to the YouTube video.

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