Friday, February 5, 2010

My post to another bride bloging about photographers.

Hello once again. It seems like I post only when I hear about people who comment about photographers and our industry with out really thinking about what they are saying. Jess Remeay ( Posted on her blog her thoughts about wedding photographers. A good discussion does follow so it is worth checking her out. Below is my response to her blog that Photographers = Brain Surgeons. Let me know what you think.

Just some quick simple math.

Photogrpaher charging $10,000 per wedding. 30 weddings a year = $300,000. High end photographer = more expenses (staff, advertising, office) average expenses $100,000 yr. Proift $200,000 per year. Time per wedding 35 hrs = 1050 hrs. Tax Bracket 50% (federal, state/prov., city) $100,000 income after taxes Average Hourly wage $95.24.

Photographer charging $2000 per wedding 30 weddings a year = $60,000. Mid range photographer less over head (no staff, less advertising) average expenses $25,000Profit = $35,000 per year. Time per wedding 45 hr (has to do everything themselves) 1350 hrs.Tax bracket 30% + $10,500 $24,500 income after taxes. Average hourly wage = $18.14

Shoot and Scoot Photographer $500 per wedding. 30 weddings a year = $15,000 Average expenses $5,000 Profit = $10,000 Time per wedding 15hrs (few extras just burn and give) = 450 hrs Tax bracket 0% (close to poverty line on income scale) Average hourly wage = $22.22 hr.

I don't think any of these rates = Brain Surgeon hourly wage. Also who do you think will still be in business a few years. Which one is going to give you more service and enthusiasm. Who is going to be fresher on wedding 29 of the year? (Tip to brides hiring Shoot and scoot get married at the start of wedding season). Just some things to think about.