Monday, September 3, 2018

An update after a four year absence.

Four years ago I stopped writing my blog after taking a job in retail sales.  I  just grew tired of blogging and the time and effort just did not seam to be worth it. Even though I stopped writing I did continue to shoot everyday and shared those to Instagram, Facebook and other social media sights.

Tonight I return and plan to blog more regularly.  Some will be short and others maybe longer, but I hope they will be interesting.

I am pleased to announce that I have published 2 calendars of my work for 2019. I intend these to be fundraisers for local groups with $5.00 of each sale going to support them. Currently I am raising finds for ATA 4334 (Cool's Robotics club), the Bishop Carroll Music Society and the Cantare Children's choir. If you can't purchase directly from one of these organizations I have set up a PayPal page on my website. After you order I will e-mail you asking which one you would like to support.

 Thank you for your support.