Saturday, February 12, 2011

Archive Image of the Day. Image #9

I shot the legendary Jack Nicklaus on July 7, 1984 when he played in a golf match against Canadian Golf Pro Jim Nelford. At the time I was publisher/editor of a local golf magazine called "Par 5" which covered the golf scene in and around Calgary. This was a summer project for myself and was printed at my father's printing company. Thus I was involved in all aspects from writing and photography, through production and then distribution sales and advertising. It was a lot of work and I earned a little bit of money, but a great learning experience.

Anyway back to the image. I had full press credentials for the event and was able to walk beside Jack for the entire 18 holes. For the shoot I had borrowed a 400 mm f2.8 lens from Canon and had this on my new F1 body. On the Old F1 body (camera prior to the re-release in 1980) I had a 135mm f2.0. This is with the 400mm and was at about f8 at 1/250 sec. Film stock was Fujichrome 100 ISO. Needless to say my arms were very tired after carrying all that equipment for 3 1/2 hours but afterward in the lounge I was able to chat with both Jack and Jim and have them autograph a copy of my magazine which I still have to this day. On a sad note Jim, who was a top Canadian on the PGA tour at the time, had an accident while water skiing later that summer, propeller blade severed tendons in his arm, and was not able to compete on the tour again.

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