Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 54, 365 Day Project

One thing I have always believed is that it is not the camera that creates the image, but the person behind the camera. Thus it should not mater what you use but your control over it and all the elements that are involved in creating an interesting photograph. With cameras built into so many devices there is no excuse for not having one with you.
Still you have to know what you are doing with it. So here is an image with my iPod touch and one of the apps available to it call the Hipstamatic. There are a variety of different lens types, film stocks, flash attachments, etc that you can purchase to add on to the free app you down load. This should give you a lot of options of what you want to do in an artistic sense. Today I decided to play with it in a bit of a controlled setting. I brought this old kerosene lamp I have in to the studio and lit it with one of my Balcars and a 20 degree spot. I then positioned a piece of foam core behind it and then turned the lamp till I achieved the shadow I wanted. It took a few tries to position the camera as the viewer is kind of wonky but I got what I set out to do. Settings for the Hipstamatic were the "John S" lens with "Ina's 1969" film stock. I tried a few other combinations, but this gave the look I wanted.

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