Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48, 365 Day Project

Can you tell how long this exposure was by looking at it? (Answer at the end of the post).

Sometimes it can get a little tricky being creative with this project. Busy days and creative blocks seem to jump up and threaten to stall us less then 2 months in to the project. In order to combat this I try to be observant of what is around me and make notes so that if I am up against the clock I can have something to fall back on. Today was one of those days and with the seconds ticking away I remembered the wall clock beside my work station. But how to make an interesting image of such a mundane subject? The answer is in the technique.

Grabbing my trusty 7D with the 24-70 f2.8 lens I set up my mini-Manfroto tripod, camera and cable release across from the clock. Knowing what I wanted to achieve I choose 100 ISO and f18. I then sat back and did an exposure and the rest is history folks. So did you figure out the shutter speed yet?

If you guessed 6 seconds, give yourself a pat on the back. (I hope you counted the ticks in the sweep hand.)

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