Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hipstamatic for Black & White.

I have stated for a while now that one has to understand the apps they are using if they want to truly benefit from what the camera in ones smart phone.  As I have started to play more with the Hipstamatic I have found one of its strengths to be in the Black & White images it produces.  The three film stocks it has can produce some mighty fine results.

These are some photo's I shot today by Heritage Park here in Calgary.  I have driven by this train which is on display at the entrance to the park for many years and finally stopped to take some photo's.  Reaching through the barbed wire I was able to aim my iPhone at the engine and shoot a number of shots.  This was my favourite and is my Instagram 366 photo for today.  I used the Kaimal Mark II lens with the BlackKeys B+W film.
The following two images are of a nearby slough and I loved the look of the tall grass and duck weed in the water.  I shot  this image with the Roboto Glitter Lens and Claunch 72 monochrome film.  I did some adjustments in Snapseed to make it pop a bit more.
While taking shots from this angle the little black bird sitting on the stalk in the foreground started to dive at me so I figure there must have been a nest near by.  I used the Americana Lens and Claunch 72 monochrome film then enhanced it with Snapseed.

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