Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little test of photo sharing sites.

I have been posting photo's to three different photosocial sites for a few months now.  Till this point I have always tried to keep them separate, posting unique photo's on each.  This was more true with Instagram which I have been using for a couple of years.  In the last few months I have added tadda and Streamzoo as well and have sometimes shared the same image on both.

Today I had gone to RONA and was walking through the garden centre and photographed four different flowers.  After doing this and processing the photo's using Snapseed I thought it might be interesting to post all four images to all three sites and see what the results would be.  Now I am not a like hoarder and share for the love of doing so but I was curious to which one would give me the best response.

Now before I post the numbers I will clarify that I do use tags both with Instagram and Streamzoo (tadda does not do tags).  However I kept them simple and the same on each.  I also have a different number of followers for each (this is where I wanted to see the percentage who follow to that of likes).  My instagram following falls at 353, Streamzoo at 41 and tadda at 22.  Below each photo will be the response for each of these.

Tiger lilly - Instagram  12 likes, Streamzoo 12 likes, tadaa 4 likes. (Instagram366 photo for today).
Sunflower - Instagram  9 likes, Streamzoo 18 likes, tadaa 4 likes.
Hibiscus - Instagram  8 likes, Streamzoo 12 likes, tadaa 3 likes.
Orchid - Instagram  9 likes, Streamzoo 15 likes, tadaa 3 likes.

Now I have a few followers who I can count on to like all my posts and a couple of them follow me on two or all three of them.  On most of my shots I will have the same two or three people respond, but then the rest will be a variety.  This can be expected as not everyone will like them all.  So what is my conclusion so to this little experiment?  I think that unless you try to gain a lot of followers you will have limited likes.  Streamzoo does a better job of getting the tags out into "streams" and thus gives more chance of non-followers finding your images.  So if you are looking for lot's of recognition you have to follow many in order to gain your on followers.  My choice is to let things grow naturally and not worry at all about the likes.

The following are some of the images I took in the last six days or so that did not make the cut for my Instagram 366 photo of the day.  I just thought I would share them here as well.

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