Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring in Calgary.

Spring time in Calgary brings two constants, dandelions and thunder storms.  Yesterday and early this morning I had a chance to photograph both with my iPhone.  For a small camera it does pack a punch and can produce some amazing results.

While waiting in the field for Luke during his soccer I wandered over to a large patch of Dandelions and picked one.  Holding it up to have the grey sky as a background and isolate it.  I brought the iPhone close and captured the below photo.  Using Snapseed I tuned the image to help separate it from the sky and enhance it to give this wonderful look. This is my Instagram 366 photo for June 5, 2012.
As the night wore on the skies darkened and shortly before midnight we had a full blown thunder storm upon us.  Sitting in the safety of my living room I watched the storm progress.  As the bolts came closer I brought  out my iPhone and held it up waiting for the next strike.  This image was the first I took and the only one that gave the result I wanted.  As there is a lag in the time you press the shutter button and when it records the scene I got fortunate that there was a second quick strike.  On following attempts I was not so lucky however there was one interesting shot where the whole neighbourhood was lit up as if it was mid-afternoon instead of 1:00 in the morning.  This shot is my Instagram 366 for June 6 and other then a bit of darkening in Snapseed no other post processing was done.

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