Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daily photo's, start of the catch up.

I again have not posted for a while and now I am in catch up mode.  These photo's will bring me up to our departure for Florida. Tomorrows post will be about our family adventure.  I hope you enjoy this series of photo's.

June 17  Crayons in the classroom.
June 18  The first two images were taken at Baker Park in the North West. Using the iPhone and the Hipstamatic app I was able to get these two interesting photo's.

 I then trained my eye on this Columbine flower in the front yard.
 We wrapped up the day at Cool's last soccer game in the Dalhousie U10 soccer league.  These were shoot with the Canon 7D and the 70-200 f2.8 lens.

June 19  Confederation park was today's destination for photo's on my way to teach my class at SAIT.  I saw this tree trunk and knew it would work well in sepia.
These ducklings and there mother were close enough to photograph with the iPhone.
July 20  The night of the big flood. I had started the evening at the opening of the new Seities Gallery down at Art Central.  They had a few interesting objects that caught my eye as subjects for my iPhone. First was this old style radio.
Then this stereophotograph viewer
and then a glass negative against the window.
After leaving the gallery I took a wander over to the Bow River and the Centre Street bridge.  I have never seen the river so high and shortly after I took this photo the police came by telling us to leave as they were evacuating the downtown core.
June 21  I tried not to venture out as it was an emergency situation and I did not want to add to the confusion.  I had a meeting though in Forest Lawn and took a photo from the hill overlooking the Inglewood Golf course which was underwater with the downtown core in the background.
June 22  The rain finally stopped and the sky cleared just in time for the Super Moon.  I took these two photo's with the Canon 7D and the 70-200 f2.8 with a 2X converter.
June 23  An abstract of the leaves of a pineapple.
My son Luke sound a sleep with his soccer ball night light.

June 24  The wooden stairs near Princess Island Park.
This bee was to busy to notice me taking its photo.

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