Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just keep looking.

Finding time to take a photo a day can be tough as we all have busy schedules.  I combat this by always looking for something that I can work with throughout the day.  Some days this can be taking an ordinary object and looking at it from a unique perspective. Other's can be of family activities or having go to ideas that one can count on.  These last ten days had me using all of these in continuing my streak of consecutive days taking photo's.

January 7.  Sitting on the couch I was looking at the remote and using the iPhone was able to look at it from a different perspective.
January 8.  It was a wonderfully warm day after a nice dump of snow the previous day.  The boy's wanted to go sledding and I positioned myself down the hill with my iPhone.  They almost took me out but I caught the expression of the moment.
While waiting I looked at the setting sun and how the clouds were lit with a bit of drama.  Another iPhone shot captured the scene.
January 9.  I had to kill some time while Cool was at his vocal coaching so I dropped by the family print shop.  As I walked around the presses and equipment a few items caught my eye and I turned the iPhone on the to make these images.
I personally like the look of this big wheel on the old Heidelberg press and how the light reflected off of it.
January 10.  One of those good to images, not so much the subject but the style.  I take a simple object and using a mirror place it on it to create and interesting design.  Using the Canon 7D and using the 24-70mm on it's minimum focusing distance.  I used one of  my Alien Bees with only the reflector on it to catch the light on the widget just right.  I finished the shot off in Perfect Photo Suite 7 to add the white pinstripe.
January 11My boys love to play in the tub and Cool has developed his own way to blow bubbles.  I positioned myself with the iPhone so I could get his lips between the circle of his fingers and waited till he got the bubble to be a fairly large size.
January 12.  I went for a walk in Fish Creek Provincial park with the idea to do a self-portrait as part of my on going project this year of creating a new one every Sunday.  As I walked around I noticed the sun setting with these cattails in the foreground.  I moved in close and lowered my angle to frame up the cattail with the sun low in the sky using the iPhone.
Soon after I found a location that I thought would look good in the self-portrait, namely this fallen log.  I set up the tripod and got my settings and put the self timer to 10 seconds.  I wanted a contemplative look and enjoying a nice winter's day.  I tried a few different positions before I got one that I really liked.
January 13.  Another snow day and as I walked around the area around the school I found a number of shots that captured the essence of the day.
January 14.  Another one of those days that I used the mirror to create a reflection with an everyday item, in this case a pencil and sharpener.  I carefully sharpened the pencil to get the shavings to form an interesting pattern and then place it on the mirror.  I used a small softbox this time on an Alien Bee as the light source.
January 15.  The first night of shooting with my basic lighting class at SAIT.  Tonight we were doing high key and after the students had done their photo's I made some adjustments at the end of the session as I knew what I wanted, in this case a semi-silhouette.  Breanna struck the pose exactly as I wanted and using Perfect Photo Suite 7 to finish the image.
January 16.  What a difference a few weeks make.  The snow is melting under the +7C temperatures and revealing all sorts of little gems underneath.  Some like this leaf was still encased in ice and using the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone I captured this photo.
I then found this nicely shaped leaf still encased in the snow.  Quickly I had captured to different and unique images.

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