Sunday, March 18, 2012

Been a little negligent to this blog lately.

As I have been shooting this years Project 366 I had started with the intention of shooting with the iPhone only and posting it to Instgram. I kept this blog up to date until the end of January but then got a little lazy and neglected to post here for February and March. So to rectify this I will be posting 5 previous images as well as the photo from today.

A note on how I go about my post processing. My favorite app is Snapseed which is where I start after shooting the image on my iPhone. Usually the first thing I do is crop it to the square format so as to make it easier to post in to Instagram. This means at the time of shooting I have to take this crop in to consideration when framing my subject. After cropping I will use Snapseed to make most of the look for each image. I vary the filter and focus based on the photo I have before me. once this is complete I will use the Frames from Snapseed, PhotoToaster, RealCamera+ or PhotoForge2 depending what I feel suits the image. All my images will have been done by this process unless noted differently.

So the above image is from today. I will date the following photo's below them.

February 5, 2012. Luke Sleeping using the pillow case as a sleeping bag. Entirely done with Instagram.

February 4, 2012. Old gramophone and record.

February 3, 2012. Flowers shot using Ripple HD Free app and then processed as above.

February 2, 2012. Close up of a Fire extinguisher.

February 1, 2012. Flower converted to B&W in Snapseed.

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