Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A few thoughts about the 366 project.

One of the things I have loved about doing this project is sometimes seeing something I had photographed previously but because it has changed it offers another possibility for a photograph. Thus it was with the lock and chains above. I like the way the it angled and felt it would make a nice image. After processing in Snapseed I used Trey Ratcliff's 100 cameras in 1 app to find a filter that I had seen and knew would enhance the background in a way that I liked.

As I reach 450+ days of continuous shooting I have a few thoughts about taking on and continuing this project. When I started on Dec. 31, 2010 I became aware of how many people attempt this project and how many end it before reaching their goal. Some feel that they have failed if they give up. My thought if you started, made the attempt, but due to circumstance could not finish you still made the attempt. This type of project is more about learning, opening your eyes to everything around you and the possibilities of photographic exploration. There will be days when the creative juices are not there, you are tired, or just running out of time and these can cause you to miss a day. Life happens, don't sweat it, you do what you do and plug on. If you do continue don't expect to always have an award winner. It would be nice if we could always have an image that make people "Oh and Ah", but it is not necessary. As long as we make the effort, improve our eye and have fun that is what the photo a day project is about.

Now to continue catching up with my posts.March 19, 2012. The day before the first day of spring and the tulip's are starting to sprout.March 20, 2012. Out for a walk and found these lovely lines and shadows.March 21, 2012. My Grandfather's old 8mm movie camera.March 22, 2012. A close up of some peacock feathers we have.March 23, 2012. A vase against a stone wall in the IRIS eye glass store in Market Mall.

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