Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage Camera, Vintage Look

One of the camera's I have in my vintage collection is this old 8mm movie camera that use to belong to my Grandfather. I remember him using it to film different family functions but do not know what happened to the film stock after he died. Would be nice to find it and have it scanned to video to show my own boy's.

February 16, 2012. Disney's California Adventure. Saw this old gas pump and had to grab a shot. Loved the final result.

February 17, 2012. Flower that I found while standing in line for the Winnie The Pooh ride in Disneyland.

February 18, 2012. Classic Coke glass at Denny's

February 19, 2012. Light fixture in the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

February 20, 2012. I have grown to look for interesting faucets and shower heads. This one was in our room at the New York, New York in Las Vegas.

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