Sunday, March 25, 2012

From iPhone to 8 x 10.

Today was a chance to bring out the oldest camera in my collection, the 8 x 10 Empire State Camera that was built in 1909. It's old and rickety and I am not sure if the holders leak light, but it was fun to play with it once again. This came about as I had been approached by cSPACE Projects in Calgary to bring my meet-up group in to record the old King Edward School before it goes through extensive renovations. We had 33 photographers visit and wander through the building documenting what they found. As the building was constructed in 1912 I felt it was appropriate to bring out a camera of the same vintage. Even though I was shooting with this camera I had to bring out the iPhone for some instant documentation so I could share it here on the blog. Once I have the film developed I hope to have at least one negative which I will produce a palladium print from. When that is complete I will scan it and share it with you here. If you would like to find out more about what is happening with the King Edward School please visit as I am sure you will be amazed at what will be in store for the area. Needless to say it is wonderful to see a great new vision for the arts scene in Calgary.

Here is a quick self portrait taken with the iPhone of me and the Empire State 8 x 10 Camera.

Photographing in the boiler room of the King Edward School.

Now to continue to catch up on my Instagram 366 project images.

March 7, 2012. Taken during my Basic Studio Lighting class at SAIT. One of the students had brought a toy camera as a prop so I took a quick image of the subject with the camera

March 8, 2012. My son Cool was pretty proud of the snowman he made after school.

March 9, 2012. An image from my initial meeting and visit to King Edward school in preparation for today's photo exploration.
March 10, 2012. A martini glass and it's reflection.

March 11, 2012. A still life of a fruit bowl with mango's and a banana.

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