Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 500 and counting.

Today I reached 500 consecutive days of taking at least one photo.  There have been struggles, some great shots, some not so inspired shots.  Yet I have reached this milestone and I am very happy with doing so.  I will keep doing it as long as I can and will let it run until something prevents me from doing so.

I shot these first two images at my brothers house and processed them both in Snapseed.  Other then the conversion and cropping their was very little post production in the first one, my Instagram 366 photo for today.
 I found these lamps and fixture on the wall in the hallway and thought it would make an interesting image.  I cropped it and then enhanced it using the Drama 2 filter.  I posted this one as my "tadaa Today" image.
 The photo below was taken with the Hipstamatic app using a high contrast film and industrial lens.  I was a little busy yesterday to blog so I am sharing my Instagram 366 shot for May 12 today.

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