Friday, May 11, 2012

New opportunities.

Today was a beautiful day and I had to opportunities come my way.  The first was a return to an activity that  I had not had for a long time, to get out and play some golf.  Last fall I was fortunate enough to win a set of irons and woods but by the time I received them we had snow on the ground.  Now when I was younger I worked at one of the local private clubs as a pro shop attendant and on the greens keeping crew.  I did a fair amount of golf but never really took it seriously as I wanted to go and take photographs more than I wanted to go out on the course for 4 hours after working 8 - 10 hours.  So I never really got proficient with it.  So today I was able to walk for nine hole and though I had a lot of inconsistencies it was such a relaxing day that I can see me getting out every couple of weeks to give me a bit of a break and a chance to recharge.

Later in the afternoon I had a meeting with Deidre from the Art Gallery of Calgary.  Our discussion centred first on my doing a couple of weekend workshops on camera phone artistry similar to the lectures I will be doing at the Calgary Public Libraries in the fall..  The big difference here will be that after the presentation we  will take the participants out for a photo walk in the downtown core so they can shoot and then work on their images.  We also discussed the possibilities of me joining them and a couple of other photographers they are already working with to develop a photography program that will be run through the gallery.  I am looking forward to exploring and building on this and having an exciting fall.

The above image here is my Instagram366 photo for the day with only the cropping and framing in Snapseed being the post production work.  Below is a photo I took on the fairway as I walked up the ninth hole at ConfederationPark Golf course shot with the Hipstamatic app.
I did my "tadaa Today" photo of the Tulips in the front yard and cropped and framed it in Snapseed. I missed one for yesterday, but hopefully will be back on track today.

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