Monday, May 14, 2012

Exploring the John Hextall Bridge

I had 45 minutes this afternoon between appointments to get out and take a little walk near the Bow River here in Calgary.  We have an old bridge that has been converted to a pedestrian walk way named after John Hextall.  I wanted to continue and test some of the various camera apps that I have to learn their properties, looks and styles. The first image is from the Retro Camera app and the Barbl camera.  I find that this app has a few nice features and looks but is limited in the variety.  They still don't have the share options that the others have thus you have to save to your camera roll and then share it to Instagram that way. This was my Instagram 366 photo for today.
The following two photographs are from the Hipstamatic app and the more I use it the more I am getting to like some of the looks.  Once you download all the available HipstaPaks you have a fair amount of variety as you can mix films and lenses.  It also geotags the images, and records the camera info used.  The share possibilities also are better allowing one to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr.

The photo was created with the Roboto Glitter Lens, Float Film (both from the Shibuya HipstaPak).  I got down low and placed the sun behind a girder to get the view I was looking for.
This photo used the Lucifer VI lens (Portland HipstaPak) and Alfred Infrared film (Camden HipstaPak).  This mimics the look that Kodaks Colour Infrared film use to give.  This was my Streamzoo photo for the day.
This photo was with the Wood Camera app.  I found that there are a lot of filters available and that this can really slow down your process as you line up the image.  I guess as time goes on one might get to know them all and the results they give.  I shot the photo below with the Berlin filter and then used the tilt and shift to change the focus.  The boarder was the one they call Frame 10.  You can also do these changes after you make the initial capture.  This photo was my "tadaa Today" photo.

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