Monday, May 7, 2012

Out and about with Luke

My son Luke had the day off school today so I had the chance to have time alone with him.  After playing in the morning at home we headed to the University of Calgary where Luke participates in some learning centre activities for the students there from time to time.  He really enjoys going there and had a lot of fun today.  Afterwards we headed over to Confederation Park as it was such a nice day out.  We walked over to the large pond where we sat just watching the ducks.  Since we were here I shot some photo's with my iPhone, zooming it in mid way to get the ducks to fill more of the frame.  This is still one of the weak point's of the camera in the iPhone as the zoom quality is not that strong.  However I captured the image below and liked the reflection of the sun on the water behind the duck.  I decided that I could punch it up a bit using the Drama 2 filter in Snapseed and achieve a look I was happy with and could post as my Instagram 366 photo for the day.
When we returned home after picking Cool up from school Luke wanted to play in the front yard once again and while watching him I noticed the Tulips by the house had opened to full bloom.  I moved in close with the iPhone and shot straight into the flowers as I loved the patterns created inside the flowers.  The top one is my "tadaa Today" image and the bottom was my Streamzoo photo for today.

Cool and Luke then had to join me at my Advanced Lighting class at SAIT as I was with out a babysitter and Lysa was on shift.  Any way this is never a problem as my two boy's are so well behaved and entertain themselves very easily.  However as the night wore on Luke decided that he wanted to get some pictures taken so I waited till all my students had finished with our model and then let him go in front of the lights. Luke of course got very excited and started jumping up and down.  Here are two of my favourite captures using my Canon 7D.

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