Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A rainy 1st of May.

 A rainy first day of May and I managed to get out for a little while this afternoon.  I shot the above photo in the Market Mall Petland and the Budgies were not sure as I put my iPhone in the cage with them.  I got this image and then brought it in to Snapseed where I cropped it and then used the drama 2 filter to give it some punch.

The next two photo's were shot at the Varsity Community Centre as I thought the raindrops on the leaves and flowers looked interesting.  The middle image I converted in to B&W and then used the red filter to bring out the look I wanted.  This one was posted as my "tadaa Today" photo.

The last image here was posted to Streamzoo.  I loved the droplets on the closed tulip.

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