Monday, May 21, 2012

The Long Weekend is over.

Well the long weekend is now over and I am happy as it was a busy one.  Here are some of the photo's from Sunday and Monday.

This is my Instagram 366 photo for Sunday and I took it at St. Luke's Church from behind the alter.  I like how the triangle window worked with the cross.
In the evening we attended a performance organized by the local Malayallay community here in Calgary.  They were able to arrange to have a group of South Indian Movie Stars who are touring North America and made a stop in Calgary.  These are actors who are very popular with people in my wife's home state of Kerala and she wanted to attend.  So I went with her and the boys and though it was in a language I could not understand I was able to enjoy it on the most part.  Below are two images taken with my iPhone (I didn't bring my 7D as usually one can't take photo's during performances but they did not seem to mind here) and they came out OK. I posted the second one to both tadaa and Streamzoo.

Today we had a birthday party for my nephew Will at my brother's house and I shot a couple images while there.  Now Greg had a thing about time and he has a number of clocks around the house.  I liked the look of this one in the kitchen and shot an image as my Instagram 366 for today.  It was processed in Snapseed to give it a look I wanted.
I shot these two photo's of my sister's dog who has the most interesting eyes.  The first was processed with Snapseed to give it a little pop.  The last was shot with the Hipstamatic app and I liked the way composition of the image.

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