Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A bit of a shift in style.

I have noticed a tiny shift in style as I move forward in the New Year.  In 2012 I did most of my shooting with the iPhone and then post processed using Snapseed.  In doing so I found that I would use filters more freely as they seemed to suit the subject mater, style and the iPhone look.

However since I have been in India and using my Canon 7D as the camera of choice I have found that I have had a shift in my thought process.  Maybe it is due to the sharpness of the images from the DSLR that I have elected to do minimal post processing on images shot with it.  This is not due to a difference between computer and apps, in fact quite the opposite.  My work flow generally sees me bring the files in to the computer where I might make some minor adjustments to exposure, contrast and saturation.  I then resize my chosen images so they can easily be uploaded to my iPhone.  From there I do open them with Snapseed but this is to add a frame as I feel this does finish the image.

Another factor in completing this process is that it makes it easier to share to Instagram, Tadaa, Streamzoo, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+; Pheed and a few other sites I share with.  If I had stuck just uploading from the computer this process would be a long one.

This does not mean I am abandoning my iPhone as a tool.  It is just an adjustment to how the different cameras give me different looks and allow me to have a wide variety of creative options.  I used the Hipstamatic app for the first and third images as the tintype look was something I wanted for both shots.  You can see a different feel between the photo's of the Auto Rickshaw drivers in the two photo's below.
However for this photo of the Che Guevara poster I did choose to use a filter native to the Instagram app as it gave me a grittier look that I felt suited the photo.  It is interesting when one sees such an iconic image portrayed over here especially when you come from North America where he is less revered then he is here in Kerala.
All the final photographs here were taken with the 7D with only minor enhancement having been done.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I do these changes because of aesthetics.  To me it just helps to make a stronger photo.  It was when I was looking at these and my photo's from the past week that I noticed this subtle shift in style.

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