Thursday, January 3, 2013

Telling a short story.

Sometimes it is nice to tell a short story through photographs when we visit a new area.  Today as I was out I noticed some activity on the property and watched as one of the workers skillfully climbed these tall arachnut trees to harvest the nuts. With a rope around his hands and another at his feet he could scale these trees in just a few seconds.  He would then take out a blade and chop the vine holding the nuts allowing them to fall to the ground.

I shot these four photo's to illustrate the story with both the Canon 7D and the iPhone.  The first shot establishes the scale as we see him near the top of the tree.  The second allows us to have an identity to the person.  Finally we see the nut that was harvest and one of the baskets used to collect the fallen nuts.

I also created a short series of images of the kerosene lamps that surround the out side of the house.  Although more decorative they do serve a function as they are usable should one of the schedule power shutdowns last longer then expected.  I was able to see these three images, the first with the morning sun shinning through the lamp and the palm trees silhouetted behind.  The second was interesting with the shadow of the lamp cast on the shutters.  Finally a shot of both lantern and shadow on the corner of the veranda.

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