Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photographing an Indian Catholic wedding.

We came to India to attend my wife's niece's wedding next Thursday.  So it was a bit of a surprise when we were told yesterday that her 2nd cousin was getting married today just down the road.  The big difference between the two are today's is a traditional Catholic ceremony while next weeks is a Hindu one.

Now while people might be surprised that there are Catholics here in India, one only has to remember that St. Thomas came a shore here in Kerala (in fact we will be visiting a 2000+ year old church tomorrow).  Thus this region had a strong Christian faith with a couple of denominations.  So it was interesting that even though the ceremony was carried out in Malayalam I was able to follow along pretty easily as the ritual for weddings are pretty much the same here as in North America.  Other than a few small added cultural aspects I found that I was able to position myself well to get some pretty nice photo's.  Here are a selection from the day, all where shot with the Canon 7D except the last one which I used to iPhone with the tintype pak on the Hipstamatic app.

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