Sunday, January 27, 2013

A spot of Jet Lag.

Anyone who has ever traveled knows that Jet Lag can play havoc with ones return in many ways. For me it has been being exhausted by early evening and thus falling a sleep well before 10:00 pm.  As this is the case I find myself up early and taking care of my boy's and their needs as well as the various other duties I have.  I continue to shoot at least one photo a day, although not as prolific as I was during my time in India,  There, however, I had few responsibilities and was able to wander and take photo's at the best times of the day.

Here at home I know am trying to get back into the routine of Canadian life and winter.  I share with you my images from the past week as I try to get my internal clock reset and back to local time.

January 27.  I met with some of the members of the STP meet up group who completed last years 366 day project.  It was nice to get out and be with fellow photographers if only for a couple of an hours.  These two shots I took a long 17th Avenue here in Calgary as we met at one of the restaurants located there.
January 26.  I started teaching the current session of my Wedding Photography class at SAIT today.  Afterwards I went for a quick walk on campus and shot a photo of Heritage Hall using the iPhone with the Fisheye Pro app.
January 25.  Market Mall Professional Building, I liked the way the sun was skimming along the building and lighting the sign.
January 24.  Luke was learning to in-line skate at his school.  After a lot of practice he was finally able to let go of my hand so I could take his photograph.
January 23.  A big difference from India where we had flowers in bloom.  Here I found these three frosted berries in our front yard.
January 22.  Though we left the warmth of India behind we will still have some flowers soon.  Our Orchid has started to sprout some new buds while we were gone.

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