Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 270, 365 Day Project

Found objects can make the most interesting of subjects. As I was unloading my studio gear for my Basic Lighting class at SAIT I noticed a pile of old pipes and valves alongside the building. Not having a lot of time I quickly ran over and shot a couple of images with the iPhone before heading off to teach. Once I reached home I knew I had something that could be special. I looked at the photo and wanted to see what it would look like in some of the other app's I have downloaded recently. Well I went through about 6 of them not finding anything to my liking or the vision I had in my head for this scene. Finally I went back to the one app that I have the most confidence in, Snapseed. Using the center focus first, i softened the edges that really seemed to add depth to the shot. Then I went in to the grunge and made adjustments till I was able to darken the periphery bring the attention to the centre. Finally I added a frame to finish the shoot.

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