Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 272, 365 Day Project

Last Lady Bug of fall. I was at my mother's house on what is probably our last nice day of the year (they are predicting snow on the weekend) when I glimpsed this little one walking on one of the flower's in her garden. It was on the back side facing away from me and I did not want to disturb it should it fly off. This is one of the advantages of the iPhone is that it is small enough that I was able to reach around the flower and get it close enough to pretty well fill the screen. I have been thinking about buying a macro lens for my 7D and probably will someday, however I am very satisfied with the results and am actually very impressed with the sharpness. I brought the image into Snapseed where I fine tuned it with a little softening on the edges as well as some blending of the background flowers. The Yellow flower and the Lady Bug were not touched.

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